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Incredible Mobile Apps

full service application development for all the major mobile platforms

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Mobile Touch developed Smart Shopping, the first in-store location app in Romania, using Bluetooth Low Energy beacons, for Carrefour's 15th year anniversary. Location based promotions were delivered using BLE targeting for the savvy consumers using modern Android smartphones.

The main Carrefour app, built by Mobile Touch in parallel with Smart Shopping, integrates in a single app promotions with shopping lists, recipes, catalogues and store locations in order to create the perfect online-to-offline retail experience.

The Carrefour Group is the leading retailer in Europe and the second-largest retailer in the world, employing more than 380,000 people. Now being the second largest retailer chain in Romania, Carrefour opened the first local hypermarket in 2001.


eMAG’s challenge for Mobile Touch was to build state-of-the-art mobile apps in only three months. A team of 8 developers, along with their project manager, QA and designer managed to deliver on time and with very high quality.

The true test of the apps was the Black Friday of 2014, when the apps carried more than 30% of the total sales of the day, leading to a complete success. Development continued for more than six months with new and innovative modules.

eMAG is the largest online retailer in the Romanian market, with an international presence in Bulgaria and Hungary. It sells online anything from IT to small and large appliances to pet food. It is casually called "Amazon of Romania".


The app is an effective, lean client to the content database of the prestigious press agency AGERPRES. News are grouped by category and synced manually or automatically from the backend system using web services.

The notification system is also an important function of the app. The agency pushes updates in real time about events as they develop. Premium accounts are available for journalists that need to follow certain topics or categories.

AGERPRES is the first Romanian press agency, recently celebrating 125 years since its beginnings. A reliable source of information internally and internationally, AGERPRES is an authority in terms of journalism professionalism.

Pimp My Call

This very ambitious project aims to change the way we make calls. With Pimp My Call the caller controls the experience of the receiver before the conversation begins. This can be anything from a text, photo, video, business card or one of the many beautiful artwork stickers.

Mobile Touch was involved in the creation of the entire solution, from proof of concept prototype to actual delivery in the app stores. The solution includes a SIP VoIP server, a real-time backend system and native apps for iOS and Android. We also created the user interface and user experience design, video presentation and intro site.

Pimp My Call is an experimental project of Naji Lakkis. Still in early stages, the project was received positively by the community and potential investors.

Speed Pizza

The Speed Pizza project is a classic example of an omnichannel e-commerce solution. The apps enable customers to order and pay for pizza, pasta and other items directly from their mobile phones. An omnichannel loyalty program enables Speed Pizza’s clients to accumulate fidelity points for orders either from the website or the native apps.

Speed Pizza challenged Mobile Touch to create an innovative way of paying for pizza without using the credit card. The result is SMS payment, in the spirit of the brand: SPEED. We came up with a system of quick ordering from a predefined set of menus for a preset value. The orders are quickly processed by the backend system and the cost is included in the client's phone bill.

Speed Pizza is one of the important restaurant chains in Bucharest with an Italian specific menu. The company has five locations throughout the city and a vibrant online community. The main value of the company has always been the speed and quality of the delivery.

Incredible Web Sites

cross-platform responsive web design and development

Having a web presence is an important part of existing in a fully digital world. With Mobile Touch you can rest assured that your web sites look extraordinary on all screens, from phones to living room displays.

Eating Out

With Eating Out you discover new places to eat and enjoy life with style! Visitors can use geolocation to see the distance to a restaurant, issue a reservation and write comprehensive reviews. An important part of the site is the cross-vendor loyalty program that enables the conversion of casual clients into regulars.

Mobile Touch designed and implemented the Eating Out web site. The site features a powerful backend system that empowers the administrators to generate reports, moderate the user generated content and manage accounts. The restaurant owners can see in real-time their bookings online and manage their availability.

Eating Out is a Romanian startup aiming to unite a growing community of food lovers with the places they love. The project is in the process of launching and is not yet available to the general public.

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S.O.S. Deces

The name means SOS Decease and is aimed at helping families in the difficult moments of losing someone dear. A network of professionals are always available to assist, sorted by the user’s location and needs. A push-to-call button in the app can quickly get the user in touch with the right number in the call center, depending on the active network operator.

Mobile Touch provided complete services from inception to publishing. We created the unique design of the web site and mobile apps, including the logo and general visual identity of the brand. Web development of a responsive site and integration with the mobile apps using web services were followed by backend deployment and mobile app publishing.

S.O.S. Deces is a project of the funeral services Romanian company BajoTiera and has been a complete success. Since its launch it grew to have representatives all over the country, connecting persons in need with the right funeral services companies and state agencies.

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Speed Pizza

The Speed Pizza project is a classic example of an omnichannel e-commerce solution. The web site enable customers to browse the menu of the restaurant, see the locations on map and, of course, place orders. The site

Speed Pizza is one of the important restaurant chains in Bucharest with an Italian specific menu. The company has five locations throughout the city and a vibrant online community. The main value of the company has always been the speed and quality of the delivery.

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Pimp My Call

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Dazzled Cars

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Incredible Design

unique visual identity for your brand, product or service

A strong brand is an important differentiator in a crowded marketplace. Mobile Touch helps companies with their branding efforts in a holistic way. The product is animated by amazing user interface and user experience design and augmented with eye popping delightful artwork.




Incredible Games

game design and development using the Unity platform

Games and interactive animations are occupying a larger and larger part of marketing or PR efforts. Mobile Touch can build beautiful engaging games for mobile, desktop and the web, as part of marketing campaigns or as individual products.

Ecollecting Challenge

Cats Revenge

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